Roasted Coffee for Your Mood

Cup start the day in the morning. Cup calibrate the mood mid-day and cup to enjoy nice afternoon.


Our road on specialty coffee

Since we started we have valued authenticity and quality, we have sourced our coffee from the most trusted suppliers, build strategic relationship with them studied the basics of the coffee world investigated the steps of the coffee life and expanded our knowledge by taking the long road of learning and practicing to hone our skills to reach the highest quality of coffee roasting standards.



Top Selling Items

Does A cup have power to set course of the day?

It depends, if not specialty coffee it is not cup a coffee. If it is GOSTO then this is a perfect day.

  • Pure Grades We only use specialty grade 100% Arabica coffee
  • Wide Assortment We care about all the factors the effect every cup produced
  • Proper Roasting We put our pride on our coffee
  • High Quality We invest on quality believing it is the key to happier people
  • Excellent Grinding Our Usage instruction, suggestion, advice we give is all for a better coffee cup
  • Awesome Aroma Small things matter on what we love
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