RSTD House Blend – Brazil SUL DE MINAS

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Notes: Dark Chocolate, caramel, roasted almond, rounded cream body, lactic acidity

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our RSTD House Blend Specialty Coffee Beans, meticulously crafted from the lush regions of Brazil SUL DE MINAS. Handpicked at altitudes ranging from 900 to 1020 meters, these beans boast a tantalizing blend of flavors that reflect the terroir of their origin.

The coffee’s natural process ensures a rich and full-bodied taste, accentuated by the inherent sweetness and distinct fruity undertones. With a cup score of 84-85, this blend guarantees a harmonious balance between its vibrant acidity and velvety smoothness, creating a delightful sensory experience with every sip.

Carefully roasted to perfection, these beans preserve the essence of their origins, offering a captivating aroma and a nuanced flavor profile that will entice coffee aficionados and enthusiasts alike. Whether brewed as an espresso or a drip coffee, the RSTD House Blend promises an exceptional and memorable coffee experience, perfect for elevating your daily coffee ritual.

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