RSTD House Blend – Ethiopia GUJI HAMBELA

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Notes: Fruity, Floral, Lavender, Berry, Brown Sugar, Strawberry

Introducing the exquisite RSTD House Blend Specialty Coffee Beans, harvested from the vibrant landscapes of Ethiopia GUJI HAMBELA. Cultivated at elevations between 1720 to 1900 meters, these beans encapsulate the essence of this esteemed region, offering an unparalleled coffee experience that celebrates the rich heritage of Ethiopian coffee.

Crafted through a meticulous natural process, these beans boast a remarkable cup score of 87, a testament to their exceptional quality. Embark on a sensory journey as you savor the intricate fusion of flavors—enjoy the lively and vibrant notes coupled with a delightful sweetness, delivering a symphony of taste that truly sets these beans apart.

Skillfully roasted to perfection, the RSTD House Blend from Ethiopia GUJI HAMBELA presents an enticing aroma and an intricate flavor profile that embodies the unique characteristics of the region. Revel in the perfect harmony of nuanced acidity and a velvety smoothness, ensuring an unforgettable coffee experience with each and every sip.

This exceptional blend is designed to delight coffee enthusiasts, whether brewed as an invigorating espresso or a rich, flavorful pour-over. Elevate your coffee ritual with the remarkable quality and distinctive flavors of the RSTD House Blend—a true testament to the artistry and excellence found in Ethiopian specialty coffee.

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